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"We will infiltrate that place (Vatican) and once inside we will never come out. We will bore from within until it remains nothing but an empty shell." Adam Weishaupt


The majority of the laity are unable to comprehend what is going on in the Church today. For the most part, they are ignorant of the existence and operation of the Judaeo-Masonic Illuminati and its powerful Spy Ring designated Organization X. They are not only puzzled, but frightened and sick with horror as they view the increasingly disastrous results of Vatican Council II which was predicted by the High Priestess of the Illuminati, Alice A. Bailey, over fifty years ago, in her book, A TREATISE ON THE COSMIC FIRE (1925). And, in the words of Cardinal Giusppi Siri, Conservative Archbishop of Genoa, "It would take at least forty years to repair the damage done to the Church by four years of John's pontificate." The prophecy of Adam Weishaupt, published nearly two centuries ago, was fulfilled in Vatican Council II


Bishop Antonio Romeo of the Sacred Congregation of Rites was

widely quoted in the press as "characterizing the council as 'a sinister farce acted out by threethousand good-for-nothings, some of whom, despite the gold crosses on their chests, don't even believe in the Trinity of the Virgin.'"

(3). Who is responsible for the phenomenal rise of theological and historical illiterates as shepherd's of Christ's sick flock? How many of them are mental and moral perverts whose worship is divided between Mammon and Priapus? If not actual heretics or apostates, they are ruthless, greedy, publicity seeking sycophants who dance to the Leftist tune of the Judaeo-Masonic Illuminati, trampling on the rights of God and His Chruch while upholding the "rights" of the Satanists and their black revolutionary puppets!

THE "REFORMERS" - Vatican II, We are told, was a "reform" Council, but it was never intended as a crusade to rescue Christ and His Church from the abyss of pagan materialism, but like the so-called "Reformation" of the 16th century, it was organized, directed and financed by the Judaeo-Masonic Illuminati that Adam Weishaupt reorganized in the 18th century for the last

great assault against Christendom by boring from within the Vatican to haul down the pillars of the Church. The Mystical Body of Christ is a Perfect Body composed of imperfect members, and it is the imperfect that need to be reformed. Truly, the words of Pope Adrian VI (1522-23) apply to the Chruch today: "Holy Scripture makes it abundantly clear that the sins of the people

have their origin in the sins of the clergy," and the sins of the latter in the sins of the bishops, and the sins of these in the Curia and the Pope who heads it. "It is not surprising that the disease has spread from the Head to the members, from the Pope to the prelates," for "We know only too well that many abominable things have happened in the Curia, abuse of spiritual matters, breach of divine commands," etc., and, he concluded, "We shall employ all our zeal in improving the Roman Curia where perhaps all the evil came from, so that the disease which started here may

also be healed from here."


The Montesi Scandal that rocked Italy in 1954 is a typical demonstration

of the sinister power of the International conspiracy directed by the Judaeo-Masonic Illuminati through Organization X whose tentacles reached into the highest offices of the Vatican, as revealed in Maria Caglio's letter to Pope Pius XII. It was in thes same year (1954) that Pius XII exiled Msgr. John Baptist Montini to Milan from whence he returned in June 1963 to ascend the Fisherman's Chair as Pope Paul VI. The same Force X was behind the Profumo Scandal that toppled the conservative government in England, and the Baker Scandal of the first Johnson Administration that succeeded President Lincoln a century ago, as well as the Baker Scandal that shook the second Johnson Administration that succeeded the late President Kennedy. This powerful arm of the International Conspiracy, seeking the enslavement of the mind, soul and body of humanity, controls the global traffic in drugs, prostitution, homosexuality, Satinic societies with their Black Mass Cults, ritual murder, political assassinations, and all revolutionary activity aimed at the destruction of the Church and Christian society in order to erect upon its ruins a World Theocratic State ruled by the long awaited Messiah of the Jews who is none other than the Antichrist prophesied in Scripture. Reynolds Packard, special correspondent

of THE NEWS, reported under a Rome dateline, 6/30/64:

"Pope Pius XII, deeply upset at police disclosures of an aristocratic dope ring that may also have celebrated orgiastic black masses is considering formal excommunication of the bluebloods, authoritative sources said today. Police said a diary taken from one arrested nobel recorded details of 'a black mass held by a high priestess.' The diary told how the nobel initiated a girl friend into 'the ecstatic world' during the drug-spiked orgy, police said. A black mass, which frequently includes a sex orgy, is an initiation mass celebrated in honor of the devil. The arrest Tuesday of 22 aristocrats hit hard at the Vatican because some of the suspects are from families that played a celebrated part in the history of the church.

"Another suspect, Duke Ludivico Dante Delia Revere, 25, has two great Renaissance Popes in his family tree - Sixtus IV and Julius II. His mother, Duchess Nelly, is private secretary to American Ambassador Clare Luce.

"Police have questioned some 100 persons in an effort to identify a number of women,

reportedly aristocrats, who also participated in the drug orgies. So far the men have kept quiet. Police said the well-organized ring had obtained a license to open its own night club – aptly named THE SEWER, as headquarters for its operations."


Cardinal Gennary Granito Pignatelli di Belmonte is also related to the Pignatelli family. The official "Who's Who" of Vatican City, the ANNUARIO PONTIFICIO (1956, pp. 82, 83), states Cardinal Pignatelli di Belmonte was born in Naples, April 10, 1851. He was created a Cardinal in the public consistory by Pope Pius X on Nov 27, 1911, and served as Dean of the College of Cardinals and Prefect of the Sacred Congregation of Ceremonial. He died in Vatican City, Feb. 16, 1948. It was rumored among the people of Naples that "its native son, Cardinal Pignatelli di Belmonte (beautiful mountain) was of an old Marrano family," as his name indicated, who possessed the power of the "evil eye" (iettatore). The French author, Roger Peyrefitte in the book, THE KEYS OF ST. PETER, says through its "Cardinal," one of the characters in his novel, "It was he "Cardinal Gennaro Granito Pignatelli di Belmonte) who decided the elections at all the conclaves in which he took part, even before he became Dean of the Sacred College. Tisserant, his successor, has more prestige but has not,happily, the same reason for having so much influence. The late Granito di Belmonte was themost incredible iettatore the world has ever known. Consequently his Italian colleagues were always anxious to know who his candidate was and to fall in with his choice at once, for fear of displeasing him. This is the secret - which not a soul would admit, but which put Benedict XV and Pius XII on the throne, one after the other ...These three popes had no more persuasive advocate with the Italian majority in conclave than this Italian. None of us cared much for Pacalli; but Cardinal Granito di Belmonte forced us to elect him as if we loved him. In the dayswhen crowned heads greatly valued having a Pope devoted to their interest, such an elector would have been competed for with all the preferment and decorations in their gift. Only this man, and he was incorruptible, would have been able to neutralise the famous veto placed by the Emperor of Austria on Cardinal Rampolla during the conclave that elected Pius X."

NOTE: The noted French writer, Louis Ferdinand Destouches states in his book, THESCHOOL OF CORPSES (Paris, 1938, p. 198), that "nothing is more Jewish than the present Pope (Pius XI) whose real name is Isaac Ratisch, The Vatican is a Ghetto. The Secretary of State, Pacelli, is likewise a Jew as is the Pope." Destourhes statement has never been contradicted to our knowledge. Benedict XV is also reputed to be a Marrano Jew. His very name "Delia Chiesa" (the Chruch) betrays his Marrano ancestry. PRELATE WITH THE "BURNING EYES" - Payrefitte continues, "It is certain that, had he been motivated by personal ambition, he would only have had to vote for himself and the Chruch would have had a Cardinal Granito di Belmonte among her Popes. The PASTOR ANGELI-CUS knew perfectly well whom he had to thank for that title, but it was not out of gratitude alone that he would refuse him nothing. For let any man who refused him anything beware! All the forces of Neapolitan iettatura - he was born in Naples - instantly overthrew all such reckless creatures, making no more than a mouthful of them. It was said that clever men made use of him to get favors from the pope, which they would never have obtained otherwise. Well before he became Dean by eliminating all competitors, he had dintinguished himself by one or two strokes worthy of attention. A professor who had failed him when he was a student, a superior who had crossed him when was a seminarist, an abbess who had slandered him when he was an attache, an attache who had betrayed him when he himself was a nuncio, a resident archbishop who had criticized his consecration as titular archbishop, and two cardinals who had censured his being made a cardinal, all died within the year.

PROPITIATORY GESTURES: "When he was with his colleagues, since they could hardly make the propitiatory gesture favored by Roamn Youths, they slipped their hands into their pockets or sleeves, or behind their backs, to make the horn sign with the index and little fingers. When he was present at a service where one of them was the celebrant, and although, as is customary, he would be in a chapel screaned by a grille or a curtain, his invisible presence was not overlooked by the celebrant who, all glittering with gold on the faldstool, made the sign of the horns with his gloved hands resting on the silk of his gromial. More than one of them, not content with this manual sign, used one of those little pairs of red horns, which so many Italians

wear or their belts, quite near to the place that it is particularly important to protest against the Evil Eye. It was said that even the Pope never received Cardinal Granito di Belmonte without holding a silverpaper knife in his hand, that metal having, in this connection, the same virtues as horn; meanwhile Sister Pasquilina would be burning a candle in the next room." (What happened to the Ritual Romanum? A good old fashioned Exorcism would have been more effective!).

MALEFICENT POWER: "It would have been difficult to keep the public in ignorance of so maleficent a power, comparable with that which informs the Valley of Kings, or that which was wielded by medieval witches. A powder factory had exploded, a ship sunk, a chapal collapsed, the day after the Cardinal had blessed them. Any Neapolitan would rather have died then utter the name of this prince of the Church. For his fellow citizens he was T'innominato (nameless). Ambassadors knew that they had only to mention his name at table, and a footman was sure to upset a dish all over a princess or one of the guests have a stroke, or one of the enamel spoons be found missing after the party. With all, Cardinal Granito di Belmonte was something of a wit and his NOT to a hostess who had apologized to him for being excessively decollete, 'Those lovely mountains leave me stony,' is still repeated. But such repetitions omit the conclusion, that the owner of the twin mountains in question had had to take to shaving them two months later.

CIPPICO AFFAIR: "It was noted that Granito di Belmonte's deanship began with Ethiopian War and was accompanied by the second World War in which Italy found herself fighting on every front and had her terriotries overrun and ravaged. To reassure the Roman people the Cardinal lived outside the city, in the house of some Spanish nuns whose proctector - or, rather, terror – he was. Worn out by conducting their funerals, he took refuge in the Vatican where, being on secred ground, he was able to keep the occult forces more firmly in hand. He died at nearly a hundred years of age, leaving behind him a trail of catastrophes and corpses. As a last effort, it was on the day of his death that the Cippico business blew up." (Msgr. Cippico was in the Vatican Secretariat of State under Msgr. Montini. He was accused of stealing huge sums of money and jewelry, but it was alleged that he was only a patsy for his superiors. This "Cippico Affair" is worth looking into, and we might write to Pope Paul VI for further details on the matter).


"Past and present have come together rather strangely in the story of the Propaganda,"begins an article in the official Vatican organ, L'OSSERVATORE ROMANO (1/22/59, p.3), under the heading, "BENEDETTO XV NEI RICORDI DI GIVANNI XXIII," for "It was Benedict XV, who, as he did with Achille Ratti and Eugenic Pacelli, put the foot of Angelo Roncalli on the first rung of the ladder which led him to the Chair of Peter in the person of him whom we now hail as John XXIII..." What the Vatican organ did not reveal is the fact that Benedict was a creature of Cardinal Mariano Rampolla del Tindaro. When Cardinal Delia Volpe addressed the crowd in St. Peter's Square on September 3, 1914, and said, "I announce a great joy to you. We have as Pope the most eminent and Revered Lord Cardinal Giacomo Delia Chiesa who has selected the name Benedict XV," a voice shouted above the tumult, "He is the one Rampolla obtained for us by his intercession with God." (See Francois Pichon, "Benoit XV," Parid, Ed.Spes., 1940, p.32; Antonio Durante, "Benedetto XV," Rome, Ed. A.V.E., 1939, p. 41).


- Angelo Roncalli returned to Rome to continue his studies for the priesthood and he was there in July 1903 when Leo XIII died. During the conclave that elected the Pope's successor, Roncalli was among the young seminarians who came almost every day to the St. Peter's Square to watch the smoke of the chimney of the Sistine Chapel: white or black? The 1903 conclave was one of the most dramatic of recent times. One day while the people stood before St. Peter's Basilica waiting for the smoke signal, which disappointingly was black again, news vendors flooded the city of copies of the GIORNALE d'ITALIA, which carried the incredible-sounding story. The reporter, Albert Bergamini, who later became one of the great figures of Italian journalism and a senator, declared that his information was impeccable and that its veracity would be proven when the conclave was over. Bergamini told the world - for the report became history - that inside the conclave there had been an unheard-of event: Cardinal Puszyna, Archbishop of Cracow (at that time part of Austro-Hungarian Monarchy) when he saw that Cardinal Rampolla, secretary of state under Leo XIII, had received nearly the sufficient number of votes, stood up and warned his fellow Cardinals that if they elected Rampolla, he himself would cast a veto as he had been instructed to do by Franz Josef, Emperor of the Austrian Monarchy. The other Cardinals, pledged to guard carefully the independence of the Chruch, knew well that no such right of veto ever existed. Many centuries ago the Holy See had been forced to remain silent as so-called Catholic rulers arrogated to themselves the right of veto, but the Popes had never consented to such a procedure. Rampolla, a great prince of the Chruch, protested, as did the Dean of the Sacred College. The Cardinals were not intimidated and in the following scrutinies Rampolla received even more votes than before. In the end he was defeated not by Puszyna's threat but by adversaries of his policies. On August 4, 1903, Giuseppe Sarto, the Cardinal Patriarch of Venice, was elected. He chose Pius X as his name. The GIORNALE d'Italia report was later verified by Cardinal Nathieu, who discolsed the entire story of the 1903 conclave in a twenty-two page article published in the March 15, 1904 issue of Revue des Deux Mondes . Pius X, whom the Church recognized as a saint in 1950, was undoubtedly the best choice said the auther, "Cardinal Rampolla, to the regret of his friends and admirers, withdrew more and more. Instead a new prelate's star began to rise; he was Monsignor Merry del Val, whom Pius X named his secretary of state." Instead of Satinst ascending the Chair of Peter, the Chruch was blessed with two great saints, Pius X, the first Pope cannonized since St. Pius V (1566-1572), and Cardinal Rafael Merry del Val, both of whom are powerful intercessors before the Throne of God.


Another view of the Conclave of 1903 is given by the French author, Fabert: "...while the Conclave was still in session, the great Italian newspaper, GIORNALE d'ITALIA, published a front-page story that was almost incredible. First of all, nobody could see how the paper had got its information. The Conclave was sealed and no news whatever could filter out. Yet the GIORNALE d'ITALIA was positive. It stated that the Cardinals in great number were bent on electing Cardinal Rampolla, that his election had been almost assured when suddenly one of the Cardinals - the Archbishop of Cracow, Poland, Cardinal Puszyna –informed his brethren that he had been ordered by Franz Joseph, Emperor of Austria and Hungary, to veto the election of Cardinal Rampolla in his name, should be elected. There was, so the newspaper reported, a great uproar among the Cardinals. What right of veto, they wanted to know? How could anyone even an emperor, dare to negate the will of the august body of the Holy Conclave? (7). Emphasis added! RIGHT OF VETO? "It was true that the Emperor of Austria and the King of Hungary bore the title of 'His Apostolic Majesty' and that from time to time Austrian emperors of the Holy Roman Empire had threatened to veto the election of a Pope by armed intervention. And there could be no doubt that sometimes they had actually succeeded. But they had no actual veto right, although the Cardinal from Poland insisted that there were documents 'signed by a Pope' in his Emperor's hand which affirmed his veto power." (Was this document signed by Pope Leo XIII?). "The stunned Cardinals protested, and on the next ballot Cardinal Rampolla received still more votes - but still not enought to make some Cardinals reconsider or whether Cardinal Rampolla had other enemies in the Conclave will probably never be known. The fact is that the Conclave decided, on August 4, to elect the Patriarch of Venice, Giuseppe Cardinal Sarto who then became Pope under the name Pius X."

(8). RAMPOLLA'S CHAMPIONS:- It is true that Rampolla had many loyal friends, not only in the Vatican, as Mr. Aradi points out, but especially in northern Italy which, from the early years of the Chruch, has been the stronghold of Marrano Jews who may be distinguished from the Italian Catholics by their names, usually inanimate objects, such as the rock, mountain, water or God and the Chruch. The same prevailed among the Marranos of Spain, as William Thomas Walsh points out in his invaluable book, PHILIP II. The word Marrano, pertaining to Jews who enter the Chruch to bore from within, is from the Spanish word meaning swine, based on the Gospel text, "Do not cast your pearls before swine..." Thus, Belmonte (beautiful mountain), Montini (little mountain), etc. Fabert says Giorgio Montini, father of the reigning Pontiff, championed the cause of Rampolla. He was editor of one of Brescia's most influential newspapers, Il CITTADINO (THE CITIZEN). His family had come from the north, the Bergamo Alps, the name itself is derived from the Italian word for mountain. "As a lawyer also Giorgio Montini made himself the champion of many unpopular crusades. He defended Garibaldists in defiance of the authorities," say Fabert. "He was also impassioned when it came to politics," and adds, "The famous Rampolla affair in 1903 brought anti-Austrian feelings to the boiling point and it was Giergio Montini who championed the cause of Cardinal Rampolla in his newspaper, decrying the arrogant influence of the Austrian Emperor." Montini "had hotly discussed the Rampolla case in his newspaper and even implied (though there was no proof of this) that the Italian King had strengthened the hand of Franz Josef. Cardinal Rampolla became a martyr for he fighting Italian Catholics."


- the King-Prophets of "Israel" - who financed the International Conspiracy of the Judaeo-Masonic Illuminati directed against the Church and Christian civilization, were no less distrubed by the Rampolla veto. How much money did they pour into the Conclave of 1903 to insure the election of their candidate for the Throne of Peter? When Oscar Straus, the "Barney Baruch" of the Invisible Jewish Government that ruled the United States during the Democatic and Republican Administrations of Presidents: Cleveland, McKinley, T.R. Roosevelt, and Taft, visited Mayor Ernesto Nathan of Rome, a descendant of the Rothchild Jews of Frankfort, and his collaborator, the Jew Mazzini, Political Chief of international Judaeo-Masonry, a visit was arranged to "the palatial residence of Cardinal Rampolla," who, says Straus, was "regarded as the ablest and most distinguished of the Cardinals eligible to the Holy See, and it may be remembered that he was considered the logical successor of Leo XIII, and it was said he would probably have been elected Pope but for the opposition of the Emporor of Austria ..."


"The Puszayna incident had its effect on Angelo Roncalli," too, says Aradi. "First he had witnessed an important historical event that strengthened the conviction instilled in him by his teachers that the Church must of necessity keep herself above power politics," for "he could see that sheer power politics had motivated Franz Josef's attempted veto against Rampolla. Secondly, he could not have helped but notice Rampolla's sympathy with the great resurgence of progressive social views among Italian Catholics..." (Dictated by the Judaeo-Masonic Illuminati with the result that Italy, once the stronghold of the Catholic faith, is today the Pagan nation rife with Devil Worship and the highest Communist Party membership of any country outside the Soviet Union). Such "naivete" is typical of "good" Pope John, for one of the "teachers" Aradi refers to is none other than Radini-Tedeschi, a member of Rampolla's Cabal! "Roncalli did not yet know, however, that Cardinal Rampolla was one of the close friends of Monsignor Radini-Tedeschi who was at that time in the Secretariat of State" (as Minister of Propaganda under Rampolla), "and he did not know that Radini-Tedeschi would play a decisive role in his own life..." ]


If "Rampolla became a martyr for the fighting Italian Chatholic," whose side were they on - Christ or the Antichrist? Can we believe that Giorgie Montini and good Pope John were ignorant of the real reason for Cardinal Puszyna't veto of Rampolla's election as Leo's successor? Franz Josef was not motivated by "sheer power politics," as alleged by Roncalli's biographer. On the contrary, the Austrian Emperor was well aware of the International Conspiracy directed by the Judaeo-Masonic Illuminati against the Chruch and Christian civilizations. Hadn't he been a tool of the Jew Bombello?

(12). Furthermore, he had been reliably informed of Rampolla's role as hierophant of the Luciferian Ordo Templi Orientis (O.T.O.)., the official name of the Great White Brotherhood which constitutes the Super Rite of the Ancient Ordre du Templars Oriental which rules the Illuminati and directs the Internai-tonal Conspiracy with the infernal aid of Lucifer and his demons evoked by Satanic Masses and Sacraments. The ancient Ordre du Molay, an initiate of the Johannites, a Judaeo-Gnostic sect of the East who call themselves "Primitive Christians." It was no coincidence that Vatican Council II convened by the Judaeo-Masons who have infiltrated the Vatican since Rampolla's reign during the Pontificate of Leo XIII was called the "Disciplina Arcani" (Discipline of the Secret). The Hierophants were the "mystics" or "Perfect Ones" who constituted the Arcane Counsel. It was not a spiritual mysticism, but infernal! Their objective is the establishment of a "New World Order," that is to say, the destruction of the Christian order and the erection upon its ruins of a Theocratic State with the revival of the ancient Pagan Mysteries.


It was the late and saintly Msgr. Jouin of France, editor and publisher of the "Revue International des Societies Secretes" (R.I.S.S.), who obtained incontrovertible proof of Rampolla's role as Chief of the O.T. O. His repeated attempts to bring the evidence to the attention of the Holy See were frustrated by Rampolla's agents. In desperation he finally turned to the Austrian Ambassador in Paris, imploring him to urge His Apostolic Majesty to communicate the information to Pope Leo through diplomatic channels in order to expose Rampolla's apostasy and prevent the Satanist from succeeding him as Vicar of Christ's Church. Five years after Rampolla's death the EQUINOX (March 1919), official organ of the O.T.O. revealed that Rampolla was one of their Chiefs, noting: "It is not lawful to discolse the name of any living Chief..." How Lucifer and his demons must have enjoyed the proceedings of the "Holy Conclave" of 1903! But their joy was short lived, for instead of one of Lucifer's minions in the Chair of Peter, the Chruch was blessed with a holy and courageous Pontiff in the person of St. Pius X. PRELATE WITH THE EYES OF FIRE: Mariano Rampolla del Tindaro was born of a wealthy family of Marrano descent on August 17, 1843, at Poluzzi, Sicily. He was seven years older than his friend and collaborator, the Neapolitan "iettatore," Cardinal Pignatelli di Belmont. Poluzzi was an ancient centre of occultism long before St. Paul set foot on its shore near the Temple of Mercury with its eleborately painted walls featuring the 22 major arcana of the Cabalistic Tarot of the Chaldeans.

(14). Rampolla entered the Vatican Seminary in 1865, during the reign of Pius IX, and five years later, after his ordination, entered the Academy of Noble Ecclesiastics. In 1875 he was sent to the Nunciature in Spain, but two years later, at the suggestion of Cardinal Peddi, he was recalled from Nuncio Simeoni's office to become Secretary for Oriental Affairs. The following year, 1878, the aged Pontiff died and Count Pecci succeeded him as Pope Leo XIII.


The origin of the "iettatore" (evil eye) cult is shrouded in the grey mists of antiquity. This form of occultism "is one of the oldest dramas known to man. It was practiced in Greece and Rome" according to the UPI dispatch from Rome, published in the N.Y. Times (9/16/62), headed: VARIED SORCERY ABOUNDS IN ITALY. The report adds, "But nowhere does it flourish more strongly than in the impoverished southern half of the peninsula and Sicily. Here the traffic is superstition is a thriving business - in spite of the police efforts to stamp it out..." Whether the occult powers of the Neapolitan "iettatore" Pignatelli rivalled those of the Sicilian Rampolla is not recorded, at least to our knowledge. But Rampolla "had what the Italians call TERRIBILITA, a psychological trait that inspires spontaneous awe," says Benedict XV's biographer. "The German newspapers were wont to refer to him as 'der scharfblickende Pralat,' the prelate with the piercing look," and he was Benedict's "Beloved prelate with the burning eyes." These two Satanists, possessing the occult power of infernal forces, invaded the Vatican; Rampolla during the reign of the aged Pius IX when Cardinal Pecciheaded the Secretariat of State, and Pignatelli during Leo's Pontificate. Together they organizeda Satanic Cabal to bore from within the Vatican until today it remains nothing but an empty shell, just as Adam Weishaupt, the Chief of the Judaeo-Masonic Illuminati, had predicted – a prophecy finally fulfilled by the Johannine Council," verily the work of the collateral descendants of the Judaeo Gnostic Johannites who swarmed about the cradle of the infant Chruch.


The organized "iettatura" accounts for the formidablepower of the Mafia, a dreaded secret society enleagued with Organization X, both directed by the Judaeo-Masonic Illuminati. Ugo Montagna, a Siciliano who played a leading role in the Montesi Scandal that rocked all Italy and shook the Vatican to its very foundation, had powerful Mafia connections that reached the highest Vatican officials, silencing many important witnesses by locking them up in convents, mental institutions, or through murder disguised as an "accident" or "suicide." The CHICAGO TRIBUNE (12/17/63), reported from London: "The Mafia, which exported its terror gang ways to Chicago, continues to grow in power in its native island of Sicily, the London SUNDAY TIMES REPORTED TODAY... The study shows the Mafia, which had a hard time from Fascist police in the Mussolini era came back to supremacy with the help of the American invasion forces, which accepted and even recruited Mafia help in the conquest of the island..."


Pope Paul's repeated appeals for "Agrarian Reform" are a joke in his native land, where the Mafia, in league with the Church and State, got control of the land and instituted a system of slavery among the peasants. The Pontiff's pronouncements on "liberty, equality, fraternity," and "civil rights" for uncivilized black barbarians in the United States are hollow sounding phrases tinged with hypocrisy in view of the situationin Italy. The above CHICAGO TRIBUNE report adds, "The post-war Italian government's efforts to break up large and holdings helped the Mafia. Peasants, seeking to buy parcels of land, declined to bid against it because on its newly acquired land the Mafia imposed conditions of slavery," and "Yet Mafia leaders are members of the Italian Government and frequently are seen arm in arm with cabinet ministers,' the report said. 'The investigators concluded the Mafia remains invololate owing to a kind of accommodation reached with the authorities, the police, and the Chruch.' ...The mafiacontrols food supplies,' it adds, 'the flow of farm irrigation water. It acts as middleman between producer and retailer' and 'sees that the candidates it favors and who are prepared to work with it succeed in elections,' the London report said. 'Dissenters are quite simply killed off by a tommy gun volley. 'Trade unions are the special targets of Mafia fury. Since the war, 39 trade union leaders have been murdered without a single instance of a killer being brought to justice...." The article tells of a farmer who dared to peddle milk being shot in cold blood, leaving a large family to starve; of the enslavement of the Italian people who live in daily terror of the Mafia... Obviously, Italy is in need of missionaries for "Civil Rights" for its oppressed citizens, and the United States can spare a large number of prelates and clergy to export to Italy where theirefforts are sorely needed.


"I know of a good way to reform the world," said St Pius X, "Let each man begin with himself!" The modus operandi is very simple. The Chruch has a word for it- conversion! In his LETTER ON THE SILLON, the saintly Pontiff emphasized the absurdity of attempting "to establish upon earth above the head of the Catholic Church, the reign of justice, and of charity, by means of agents from everywhere, of all religions and of no religion, with or without creed, provided they forget what divides them, that is, their religious and philosophic convictions, and provided they place at the common service what unites them, namely a NOBLE IDEALISH and moral force derived 'no matter whence.'" Let Pope Paul take the advice of his saintly predecessor, or the 16th century Pontiff, Adrian VI, that reform begins where evil not only originated but is widely tolerated. Let him employ his "zeal in improving the Roman Curia," as Pope Adrian intended to do before he was suddenly and mysteriously eliminated by agents of the de Medicis, powerful 16th century Mafia, so that, in the words of Pope Adrian, "the disease which started here may also be healed from here." (Ibid). THE CATHOLIC CHURCH IN ITALY TODAY: There is an old adage, "As Rome goes, so goes the world." This certainly pertains to the religious crisis in modern Italy which proves that the disease afflicting the members of the Mystical Body of Christ can only be cured by a proper diagnosis of the ailment and treating it accordingly. To apply the "reforms" of Vatican II is simply to dose the dying patient with the virus that started the epidemic. The reformation, then, should begin with the Vatican itself, the prelates and clergy of the Chruch, and from there proceed to Rome and Italy and encompass the whole world. Nowhere today is the Faith facing a greater crisis than within the very "cradle of Christianity." Commenting on this fact, LA VOCE (THE VOICE), a Vatican newspaper published at Terni, stated in an editorial (1/19/58): "It is useless, in fact, to keep on repeating that 99% of us in Italy are Catholics; sorry to say, useless and substantially false. A Catholic is a person who: (1 is baptized, (2) believes ALL the truths taught by the Chruch, (3) practices a sacramental life, (4) obeys the Chruch like God. Here are some facts: about a third of the Italian electorate vote for parties openly and repeatedly condemned by the Church on the religious and moral level. From sufficiently accurate polls we are assured that 31% of Italians never go to Mass; 34% are not completely in favor of religious marriages; 45% believe one can be a good Catholic and also a good socialist (follower of Nenni); only 62% are against devorce; only 38% are contrary to abortion. Yes, 99% of the Italian population are baptized but if we check the other three requirements of true Catholics, a fearful lowering of the percentage is plainly evident." It is also obvious that the Chruch and the world need less pronouncements on the "Rights of Man" and more emphasis on the RIGHTS OF CHRIST THE KING!


A Poll conducted by L'ESPRESSO (THE EXPRESS) 10/20/57, verfies the above conclusions. To the question: "Are you a practicing Catholic?" only 13% answered 'Yes," whereas 87% answered 'No!'" Emphasizing the seriousness of the problem, IL TEMPO (THE TIME) 6/19/60, affirmed: "Catholicism risks, for the future, being completely excluded from the life and customs of the local population. The undeniable technical-industrial progress of the South ... has created the dangerous question of survival for the Catholic Church. Nor is this a condition that takes place only in the southern part of the peninsual." The situation in the north of Italy is even worse. The newspaper ROMA (ROME), 2/11/62, published the results of investigations conducted by the Catholic diocess in various regions of Italy, and the results were nearly always the same. All the clergy deplored the frightening crisis in the religious condition of the people. ROMA stated: "People are not what they were once upon a time. They rarely attend the sacraments, participate in religious rites on Holidays, and even the number of these is plainly decreasing. In short, one is brought to ask: 'Do Italians really believe in God?' "In the northern city of Bologna less than a quarter of its 425,000 inhabitants of the age of reason observed the religious Holidays of obligation," but "even among those who attend Sunday Mass," ROMA observed, "only an appalling 10% ...can be considered actually 'faithful.'" The ROMA article concludes: "We have therefore ascertained, with unchallengable figures as evidence, that religiousness in Italy is in the continual crisis ...It is as if millions of Italians had discovered in themselves the vocation of paganism, of syncretism, or, at any rate, of public disbelief." (Emphasis added) LA DOLCE VITA: ROMA'S query, "Do Italians really believe in God?" was followed three years later by the "POPE'S QUERY: TS ROME FULLY CATHOLIC?'" published in the REGISTER (1/24/65), which highlights the widely disseminated fact that the Etermal City is spiritually dead. In his address before the Black Nobility, descendants of families with Papal titles, Pope Paul said: "Rome is Catholic and it will always remain so. No one denies it... at least not those who have Christian spirit, historic sense, and a real love for this incomparable city. But try to put the same words in the form of a question ...Is Rome as Catholic as it ought to be? Is this city of our and your hearts really as Catholic, as Christian, as religious and good as its history and missioin demand? Let us lovingly open our eyes to the spiritual needs of Rome. This is our grave duty, we know; it is the duty of the clergy and Religious, but it is also the duty of the faithful, of the whole community of believers, of the whole people of God." THE FINAL APOSTASY: And where do we, the faithful, "the whole community of believers," "the whole people of God." find Him? In his Christmas sermon (Milan, 1960) Pope Paul said: "Are you looking for God? You will find Him in man!" (20). Not in Christ! Not in His mystical Body the Church! Not in the Holy Eucharist! - BUT IN MAN! Truly, the socalled "New Liturgy" of the Johannine Council which compels His ministers to turn their back on Christ in the Tabernacle is only one of the signs of the times! Christ never warned us about the great heresies that assaulted the Chruch from the beginning of Christianity even to the present day, and they were many: Johnnism, Paulicianism, Marcosianism, Arianism, Pelagianism, Albigensianism, Protestantism, or any of the other Judaeo-Gnostic ISMS culminating in Communism. He only warned us about the final apostasy which proclaims that everyman is Christ heralding the advent of the Antichrist! DO NOT BE LED ASTRAY: Readers who do not have a Bible handy will recall that the 24th chapter of St. Matthew's Gospel relates that when Christ prophesied the destruction of the Temple of Solomon, He left Jerusalem for Mt. Olivet. Here his perturbed disciples gathered about Him and asked for a sign of the end of the world. He answered them "Take care that none lead you astray. For many will come in My name saying: 'I AM THE CHRIST,' and they will lead many astray, for many will come in My name saying: 'I AM THE CHRIST,'and they will lead many astray. For nation will rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom: and there will bepestilences, and famines, and earthquakes in divers places. But all these things are the beginnings of sorrow. Then they will deliver you up to tribulation, and they will put you to death; and you will betray one another, and will hate one another. And many false profits will arise, and will lead many astray. And because iniquity will abound, the charity of many will grow cold. But whosoever perseveres to the end, HE SHALL BE SAVED, and this GOSPEL OF THE KINGDOM shall be preached in the whole world for a witness to all nations; and then will come to the end... Therefore, says our Lord, "When you shall see the abomination of desolastion in the holy place spoken of by the prophet Daniel (9:27), let him who reads understand - then let those who are in Judea flee to the mountains; and let him who is on the housetop not go downto take anything from his house. And let him who is in the field not turn back to take his cloak.But woe to those who are with child, or have infants at the breast in those days! But pray thatyour flight be not in the winter or on the sabbath. For then there shall be great tribulation, such ashas not been seen from the beginning of the world until now, nor will be. And unless those days had been shortened, no living creature would be saved. But for the sake of the elect those days will be shortened. Then if anyone says to you: 'Behold, here is Christ,' or There he is,' do not believe it. For false Christs and false prophets will arise, and will show great signs and wonders, so as to lead astray. BEHOLD I HAVE TOLD IT TO YOU BEFOREHAND..." PREDICTING THE FUTURE; Cardinal Cushing, in his "Foreword" to Msgr. Clancy's official biography of POPE PAUL VI - APOSTLE FOR OUT TIME, says, "By knowing the past of Pope Paul we can predict with joyful enthusiasm, our future." Knowing that Pope Paul's past is indelibly linked with the invasion of the Vatican by the Judaeo-Masonic Illuminati which began during Cardinal Rampolla's reign during the Pontificate of Leo XIII, and continued during the reign of his creature, Pope Benedict XV, who, in turn, put the foot of Achille Ratti (Pius XI), Eugenio Pacelli (Pius XII), and Angelo Roncalli (John XXXIII), on the first rung of the Papal ladder leading to the Chair of Peter, as stated in the official Vatican organ, L'OSSERVATORE ROMANO (Ibid); and knowing also that Giorgio Montini, champion of the Satanci Garibaldists and Rampolla, was an intimate friend of Benedict and Pius XI, who sponsored his son's career as Pope Paul VI (see Fabert, Ibid, p. 26 ff.; and Msgr. Casey, pp. 16, 40ff., etc), we can surely believe that thejprophecy of Adam Weishaupt has beenn fulfilled: "We will infiltrate that place (Vatican) and once inside we will never come out. We will bore from within until it remains nothing but an empty shell." (Ibid).

SIGNS OF THE LAST DAYS: In the chapter, "Sade Vacante," discussing the Conclave that elected Cardinal Montini, Pope John's successor, Msgr. Clancy, who served with the former in the Vatican Secretariat of State, observes: "There were 'prophecies,' and sayings, too, to consult when the matching and the weighing seem to reach an impasse. The monk Malachy of Armagh in Ireland was papal legate for Ireland and died at Clairvaux in Burgundy in 1148. He visited Rome twice and from these visits was formed his list of 'prophecies in the form of mottoes' for succeeding Popes. They cannot be traced in book or manuscript farther back than 1595, and the noted Jesuit Herbert Thurston maintained that they had been compiled then to help the candidature of an ambitious Cardinal. This leaves intact, however, the mystery of the striking aptness of many of them. The motto selected by Malachy for the pope now to be elected was Flos Florum - Flower of the Flowers." He then points out that no less than five Cardinals in the Conclave could claim that this motto, but doesn't mention that Pope John also had a fleur de lys on his coat of arms. (Ibid, APOSTLE FOR OUT TIME - POPE PAUL VI, p. 134 ff.). Like the prophecies of the Jew, Nostradamus, Catherine de Medici's favorite occultist, the alleged prophecies of St. Malachy may be suited to everyone's individual interpretation. A Dominican, Arnold de Leon, who published the prophecies in 1595, explained that the manuscript was given to Pope Innocent II (1130-1143), when St Malachie made his second visit to Rome as Papal Legate. The Archbishop of Armagh did not visit Rome twice, but according to his biographer, St. Bernart of Clairvaux (DIVI PERNARDI OPERA., 11540 A.D., pp. 1137-1944), only once, and that was in the year 1139 when he surrendered the privileges of the Irish Chruch to Innocent II "who was so pleased that he placed the mitre that was his own on the head of Malachie, gave him the stole and maniple which he used himself at the altar and giving him the kiss of peace, he dismissed him with his benefiction," says Bernart. The Irish hierarchy and clergy were not so pleased with Malachie's actions and called a Church Council at Holm-Patrick, composed of Archbishop Gelasius, 15 bishops, 200 priests, and many more abbots and monks. The council voted to send Malachie to Rome again for further negotiations, but the aged Legate died at Clairvaux in 1148 while on his way to Rome. St. Bernart thereupon send Christian I a Burgundian and Abbot of Millefont who had resided at Clairvaux for years, as Irish Legate to Rome in 1150, in company with Cardinal Paparo, where they arrived in 1152, during the reign of Blessed Eugenius III (1145-1153), a man more concerned with spiritual matters than political and the Irish quesiton was solved at least temporairly, that is until the reigh of the English Pope, Adrian IV. (See M. Fleury, HIST. ECCLES. tome XIV, p. 685; also Dr. William O'Halloran's HISTORY OF IRELAND, 1728, Chap. VI, ect.). THE PROPHECIES OF ST. MALACHIE, according to the majority of commentators, were written by the Archbishop when he went to Rome to importune and audience with Innocent II, and failing his mission, jotted down his famous runes which were tucked away in a cubby hold to gather dust for 500 eyars. This is contrary to history, for as St. Bernart shows, he was not only received with great pomp and ceremony but made a Papal Legate by Innocent II. St. Bernard makes no mention of any prophecies by Malachie, whereas some writers are agreed that he composed them on his second visit to Innocent in 1148, the year in which he died. They also neglect to mention that Innocent died in 1143. Stern says, 'The Malachy prophecies consist of 111 terse Latin mottoes purporting to identify in succession all the popes from Celestin I of Malachy's time to 'the time of the end.'" Obviously, the author means Celestine II, "Citta di Castello" (City of the castle", for the first Celestine reigned from 423-432. "The prophetic mottoes," says Stern, "in one way or another foretelling who would occupy the Holy See, were suspiciously perfect from 1095 to 1595, when they were suddenly 'found" and made available. But they were not nearly as effective thereafter." For example, "The late Pope John XXIII, was one hundred and seventh on the Malachy list, leaving only four to round out the total. This limitation, in the opinion of certain scholars, has led to the jobvious forgery at the conclusion of the work. 'During the last persecution of the Holy Roman Chruch,' the so-called prophecy ends, 'there shall sit the Roman Peter, who shall feed the sheep amid great tribulation, and when these are passed, the City of Seven Hills shall be utterly destroyed and the awful Judge will judge the people.'..."


Several scholars of repute trace the origin of the so-called "Malachie prophecies" to the ancient tradition of the Chruch of St. Paul of the Wall on the Ostian Way near Rome. According to the legend, Our Lord appeared to Pope St. Sylvester I (314-337), in the year 320, during the reign of Emperor Constantine the Great and requested the holy Pontiff to build a chruch over the tomb of the great Apostle of the Gentiles. It was to contain 270 niches in the nave walls to accommodate the portraits of all the Popes from the first Peter to the last Peter. The portrait of St. Sylvester, and of his successdor Marcus, and their thirty-three predecessors, were all painted apparently by the same artist. The portraits of the succeeding Popes were generally added, one by one, by different hands, probably right after their deaths, on orders of their successors. The magnificent Bascilica was destroyed by fire in 1823, during the reign of Pius VII. His successdor, Leo XII (1823-1829), ordered it rebuilt. It was complete during the reign of Pius IX (1846-1878), who ordered all of the portraits of the popes restored to their proper nichees before he consecrated the Basilica. They were faithfully copied in imperishable mossics from copperplates executed by an artist around 1775 for a firm who manufactured them in various sizes for tourists. Under each medallion of the Pontiffs in the restored bascilica is an engraved plate with the number and name of the successor of Peter and the length of the reign. Irrefutable proof testifying to the unbroken line of the first occupant of Peter's Chair to the last, for according to the legend the second Peter will succeed an apostate Pope, the false prophet who will be the precursor of the Anti-Christ - that long awaited He of the Jews prophesied in Scripture. In this respect only do the "malachie Prophecies" correspond with the Legend of St. Paul of the Wall concerning the tribulations of the Chruch during the reign of the Anti-Christ, and the destruction of Rome. THE NED IS NIGH: In this connection, it is interesting to note that "good" Pope John "had seriously considered, he told those in one of his audiences, becoming Pope Peter II. The Cardinals and all of Rome would have gasped if he had done so," says Fabert, for "There is an old Roman superstition that the world will end during the reign of Peter II." The author also observes, "Since the time of Peter only eighty-one names have been used. The last Pope to use the name of Peter ruled for less than a year, in nave walls of the Magnificent Basicica clearly show. None ever dared contravene the ancient legend. Pope Landus of Sabina succeeded Anastasius III (911-913), and he reigned only 6 months and 20 days. Landus' successor was John X. The fact that Pius numbered in the ANNUARIO PONTIFICIO, does not alter the prophecyregarding Peter II handed down since the 4th centruy, nor the fact that there are only two niches left on the nave walls of St. Peter's Bascilica, one to accommodate the reigtning Pontiff, and his successor who, according to the legend, will be the last occupant of the Fisherman's Chair. "It is what the prophecies say, not who says them, that actuallly makes them valid or not," orserved Stewart Robb, the Nostradamus scholar, who has been similarly intrigued by the Malchy prophecies.


- The Cardinals and all of Rome would have gasped if the late Pope had taken the name of Peter II says Fabert, for "There is an old Roman superstition that the world will end during the reign of Peter II," This "superstition," so-called, dates from the 4th century Legend of the Basilica of St. Paul of the Wall which corresponds with the prophecy concerning the last Pope, Peter the Roman attributed to St. Malachy: "During the last persecution of the Holy Roman Chruch, there will sit up on the Throne, Peter the Roman, who will feed the sheep amid great tribulations (reign of the Antichrist), and when these are passed, the City of the Seven Hills (Rome) will be utterly destroyed, and the awful Judge will then judge the people." (24). We are inclined to agree with the Jesuit Thurston who, according to Pope Paul's biographer, believes the "malachy Prophecies" were compiled at the close of the 16th century by an ambitious Cardinal seeking the Papacy. Probably Clement VIII (1592-1605), a de Medici from Florence. This may account for the fact that they were "suspiciously perfect" from the time of Celestine II (1143-1144), the 170th successor to Peter who reigned only 5 months and 13 days, to the reign of Clement VIII, the 226th Pontiff on the list.


Beneath the portrait of each Pontiff in the Basilica of St. Paul of the Wall is a plaque giving the place of his, coat of arms, date of accession and death. Stearn says, the late John XXIII was the 107th Pontiff on the Malacy list, leaving only 4 more to round out the total, leading certain scholars to conclude that the prophecy pertaining to the last Pontiff, Peter II, is a forgery. Since the Malachy prophecies begin with Celestine II, the 170th Pontiff, this would leave only 100 to accommodate the rest of the Papal line. How, then, could "good" Pope John be 107th on Malachy's list? According to the list of Pontiffs portrayed on the walls of the Basilica of St. Paul, as published in the GERARCHIA CATTOLICA of Rome, 1875, Gregory XVI (1831-1946), was the 261st Pontiff, not the late John XXIII. (26). Pius IX, "gloriosamente regn ante" was the 262nd; succeeded by Leo XIII (1878-1903) 263; Pius X (1903-1914) 264; Benedict XV (1914-1922) 265; Pius XI (1922-1939) 266; Pius XII (1939-1959) 267: John XXIII (1959-1963) 268. Thus, the reigning Pontiff, Paul VI, is the 269th successor to the first Peter and the predecessor of the last Peter. According to the prophecies, then, he is the apostate Pope and percursor of the Antichrist. Whether or not the prophecies attributed to St. Malachi are a forgery compiled at the close of the 16th century, the fact is that the Basilica of St. Paul with its 270 nitches built to accommodate ALL the Popes from the first Peter to the last Peter, has stood since the beginning of the 4th century as a marvelous testimonial to the unbroken line of Popes; also as the living memorial to the Legend of Peter II, the last Pontiff who will succor the small band of faithful Christians during the reign of the Antichrist. Here is incontrovertible proof of that the "abomination of desolation" is at hand, that the Antichrist may indeed be already reigning over the earth from his temple in Jerusalem!

THE ABOMINATION OF DESOLATION: Our Lord says: "When you shall see the abomination of desolation in the holy place spoken of by the prophet Daniel, let him who reads understand," says Daniel (12:10). Among the signs of the times is the "NEW LITURGY" of Vatican II, called the Johnnine Council which suspiciously conforms with the "Discilini Arcan"of the Judaeo-Gnostic Johannites who swarmed about the infant Chruch and in every age in every guise, sought to invade the Mystical Body of Christ like a malignant cancer. Take the "LITURGY OF THE EUCHARIST" from the MONTHLY MISSALETTE for May (p.13), explained as: "This action symbolizes that the gifts of the people are being removed from profane use and are being set aside for the 'Eucharistic Celebration"' now called the "Lord's Supper." Just like the celebration prepared by Initiates of Johanism for the profane and vulgar laity, who respond: "All you peoples, clap your hands, shout to God with cries of gladness, for the Lord, the Most High, the Awesome, is the great king over the earth. Confirm, O God, what you have wrought in us: FROM YOUR TEMPLE, WHICH IS IN JERUSALEM, KINGS SHALL OFFER GIFTS TO YOU, ALLELUIA!" REIGN OF THE ANTICHRIST; Everybody knows that the Holy See of the Catholic Church is St. Peter's in Rome. But how many know, "According to the writings of the prophets of the Old Testament and the Apostles of the New Law, The Fathers and Doctors of the Church hold: The Temple in which the Antichrist will demand to be given divine honor is the temple at Jerusalem as it will then have been newly rebuilt.' SS. John Damascene, Cyril of Jerusalem, Irenaeus, Ephrem of Syria, Augustine, Ambrose, Anselm, etc."

(29). What temple are these Johannine Ecumaniacs clapping and shouting about? And the God they are greeting with cries of gladness? Is it the Christian's God, or the Jews' Messiah? "And he shall confirm the covenant with many," says Daniel, and "There shall be in the temple the abomination of desolation, and the desolation shall continue even to the end." Did the Council Fathers make a covenant with Antichrist, praying that what hath been wrought in us may be confirmed? The Johannites, like "The Templars had two doctrines: one was concealed and reserved to the leaders, being that of Johannism; the other was public, being Roman Catholic doctrine ... The Johannism of the adepts was the Kabalah of the Gnostics, but it degenerated speedily into mystic Pantheism carried even to idolatry of Nature and hatred of all revealed dogma..."


We know also from the writings of the early Church Fathers that, just as Christ had a precursor, whose name was John the Baptist, so also will the Antichrist have a precursor whose name could very well be John the Baptist. In holy Scripture he is called the false and lying prophet, of whom it is written: "He had two horns like a lamb but it spoke as a dragon," having two doctrines, one exoteric the other esoteric. Blessed Holzhauser says: "The two horns signify the spiritual and temporal power which the pope will unite in himself after the restoration of the Babel whose false ecumenism will oppose the true unity of the church. The real purpose of the Johannine Council (Vatican II) was to harmonize Science and religion, i.e. the Chaldean Science of the Cabala of Cain with the doctrine of the Church in order to bring together all the Cabalistic sects of the East and West and, giving each other the "kiss of peace," confirm the Covenant with Hell! Truly, says Daniel, "None of the wicked shall understand. Only the learned shall understand." come, then, let us investigate the origin and doctrine of the Illuminati, tear away the veil of its "mysticism," and reveal the identity of the Great Architect of the Universe! See Part I - THE TEMPLAR BAPHOMET.


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NOTE: When Montini was exiled by Pius XII ot Milan, the northern industrial city long thestronghold of Communism, "He made it clear from the very first that he believed in converting Communists rather than fighting them," but he achieved little or no success with his "Billy Graham" crusades and policy of "love" rather than exposure, for "Montini, as it was well-known, did not share the extreme views about the East-West conflict and was not the implacable enemy of Communism that Pius was." (Andre Fabert, Ibid, p. 57). "...what is certain, and clearly shown by their speeches and actions, is that Montini was much more to the Left than Pius XII. First as Archbishop of Milan, then as Cardinal, and finally as Pope. Montini backed the so-called 'Svolta a sinistra,' that is the 'turn to the Left' of the Italian government." (Corrado Pallenberg, THE MAKING OF A POPE, pub. by McFadden-Bartell Corp., 205 E. 42nd St., N.Y., 1964, p. 79 ff.) Also see APOSTLE FOR OUR TIME - POPE PAUL VI, by Msgr. John G. Clancy, Nihill obstat: Rev. Charles K. Von Euw, S.T.L., S.E.O.D., Censor Librorum, IMPRIMATURE: Richard Cardinal Cushing, 9/13/1963, Avon Books, 959 Eighth Ave., New York, N.Y. 10019

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(23) The bibliography on the prophecies attributed to St. Malachy is immense, to cite a few:


Dr. John Spirago, Die Malachias; Maitre, "La Prophetic des Papes-Les Papes et La

Papaute; etc.

NOTE: The legitimate list of Pontiff s whose portraits are enshrined in mosaic on the nave wallsof St. Paul's Basilica were published in the GERARCHIA CATTOLICA of Rome in 1875.

(24) This corresponds with the prophecy of St. John Capestrano (d.1457): "There shall be signs

of the sun and moon when there shall be created a man stronger than any temporal prince (Peter the Roman), and he shall renew the face of the Chruch. At this time Antichrist shall have been trodden under foot and all the world shall enjoy the true faith and peace of the Most High God."Also, the Monk of Padua (1740): "In the last great desolation of the world the last High Priest of the true God will reign, Peter the Roman. Criminal Rome will be destroyed and the terribleJudge, in glory, will judge all the nations."

(25) For the legitimate list of Popes whose portraits decorate the of St. Paul's Basilica, copied

from the GERARCHIA CATTOLICA, see "POPES IN PROPHECY," Catholic Laymen's Council publication, 36 Walnut street, Uniontown, Pa.

(26) For the legitimate list of Popes whose portraits decorate the wall of Basilica as the 212th

Pontiff, reigning 5 years and 13 days, before he resigned during the Council of Constance where the cardinals and bishops tried to force him to sign a document giving them equal authority. He fled for his life, disguised as a porter, returningt to Rome later where he remained a member of the Sacred College until death. See Five Art. of Constance, 5th Sess., April 5,1415. The first John XXIII was never declared an anti-pope!

(27) The "abomination of desolation" is found in Dan. 9:27; 11:33; 12:11; I Mach. 1:57;Matt.c. 24; St. Paul II Thess. 1:6; 2:8-12; Mark 13:14; etc.

(28) THE MONTHLY MISALETTE is published by J.S. Paluch Co., Inc., 1800 Winnemac

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